Coming over the Mountain, Georgia Democrats

The 9th District Democratic Women’s Network

Update: April 22 I believe I have finally found a template that will serve our project well enough.  So things should progress more quickly in the future..

Remodeling & Apologies to our followers, especially those that are getting notices as we make changes.

Women’s History is moving to which is currently operational but also still in a remodeling phase.

Eventually this website is being transformed into the Georgia 9th District Democrats Information and breaking news site.  The address is

Dawson Dems gather for food and conversation.

The (hyper)-active Dawson Democrats are taking a break tomorrow evening. There will be an informal gathering at 6:00 pm  at the Dawsonville Tavern to eat drink and according to Bette’s, email This is “an informal meeting; just a chance for people to talk about ideas and feelings” . It is more than possible politics will come up.


The next regular meeting of the Dawson County Democratic Party will be on June 15 at the Dawson County Public Library.

Check out their website.