Welcome Cyndy

cyndyNewest 9th DDWN recruit Cyndy Shubert-Jett citizen activist on the way to deliver her letter with 67 constituency signatures to 9th District Rep. Doug Collins yesterday.

Cyndy’s Report

“First actual update after my own timeline has to has to absolutely has to go here! SO….it went exceeding well, and thanks to some excellent critiquing of my letter, it said exactly what was needful. When I got there and starting talking to the receptionist, one of the staffers came in and introduced himself. He offered to listen to what I had and see what he could do to assist me with. I told them up from that I was a somewhat progressive liberal democrat, but, that I also believed that my representative is my representative is my representative. He heard me out, asked really pertinent questions, then read my letter. He then took it, scanned it and forwarded it the legislative section of Rep. Collins’ offices. He made sure he had my name and email on it. Thanks to the critique offered earlier on my letter which helped me get it away from a confrontational attitude, I feel like I at least made a decent start with having a credible relationship with this office! I recall back in our efforts in dealing with Darrel Issa’s staff in Southern California, they tended to be snobbish and snarky. Maybe it’s just that the South has such a culture of courtesy, but this was truly a good experience for my first ever all mine effort!!! Now I”m back home Now…the with a big smile on my face, a swollen knee, and a cup of sick day chicken soup at hand!!! [OH….W Lorraine Watkinss, how do I send my request for payment to Soros? *snicker*]