Response to GOP AHCA

Via Mallory Nonnemaker
57 mins
Ben Wikler’s To Do List:
If House GOP succeeds in passing #TrumpCare tonight (or any day), the public’s IMMEDIATE response will massively shape what happens next
The biggest risk: the vote gets hailed as a breakthrough victory for Trump and the GOP, praised by conservative groups… boom, momentum.
It will be tempting for activists to immediately swing their focus over to pressuring the Senate. Don’t do it. Job one is BLOWBACK.
Most of all, swing Senators will be watching to see what kind of political price GOP reps pay for voting to uninsure their constituents
Citizens’ jobs will be to make clear that voting for AHCA is politically toxic. Career suicide. A highly visible, public firestorm
If the House passes TrumpCare, every Republican member of Congress has to feel like they’re walking into a political buzz saw.
Their phones should ring off the hook. Their district offices should be jammed. Town halls? Furious overflow crowds, chanting “SHAME.”
The intensity and visibility of response to the House vote will define the news cycle and the Senate’s willingness to touch this thing.
So—if we lose the vote, don’t mourn. Fight. Crucify the House. Only after pulverizing the House GOP, turn, eyes ablaze, to the Senate.