Shared by Gary Corn Appalachian Indivisible

“Every time I plan to go to one of these protests my mind runs through the same checklist of excuses:
“I’m too old for this sh–“,
“I’m too tired for this sh–“,
and “I’m too busy for this sh–“.
At the end of the day though after I and a few hundred new friends have been able to yell, scream, stomp our feet, and generally raise hell at the incompetents in office and the idiots who put them there then here’s how I feel:
“I’m not getting any younger so if not now, when exactly was I going to be young enough?”
“Yes I’m tired but it’s a GOOD kind of tired”, and
“Apparently I wasn’t as busy as I thought I was because the world did just fine without me for a few hours”.
What I’m trying to say is that those of you who didn’t make it today just don’t know what you’re missing.”