dpglogoTown Hall,  North Georgia grassroots Democrats will have an opportunity to speak to representatives of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Saturday August 19 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 9th District.
Habersham County Recreation and Aquatic Center, Clarksville.  
There will be a two hour time period in which questions and commentary from the 9th District Democratic affiliated groups such as YDG and the GFDW chapters. The agenda is not complete but it has been suggested 30 minutes will be allocated to grassroots Democrats Q&A.

“All Democrats are invited to join the Democratic Party of Georgia’s statewide Summer Tour which will highlight the lessons, victories, energy, and grassroots activism of our Party. Local Democrats, state and local legislators, and affiliates are expected to make a strong showing at each stop. The Habersham Democratic County Committee is pleased to sponsor a regional event as part of the tour.

As the Democratic Party of Georgia continues building a well-oiled GOTV machine, we need every local voter to engage and be a part of the building process. We share the common goal to elect and appoint citizens to serve on all levels of government who are equipped to fight for the rights of everyone. Our focus as a Party is on ensuring those qualified   candidates are recruited, trained, elected, and held accountable.
The Party needs the experience and knowledge of every local Democrat if we are going to flip the State of Georgia from red to BLUE. Let’s come together and fight back.”  DPG