Women’s March — online workshop on facilitating “Daring Discussions”


Since day one, Women’s March has been committed to the idea that confronting the bias and prejudice around us is the most effective way we can each protect each other.

The rise in white supremacist actions and rallies, including the tragedy in Charlottesville, has been incredibly traumatizing for many of us, particularly people of color, Jews, women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQIA folks. In this moment, we are called to act to protect each other by challenging the ways that bias shows up in our families, workplaces and communities.

This Thursday, Women’s March and partners invite you to join an online workshop on facilitating “Daring Discussions” about white nationalism, bigotry and violence, with community members who hold different political views.

Please register here for a webinar workshop with Women’s March this Thursday, August 24, at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

You will hear from activists who regularly engage in challenging their communities to do better, and learn strategies for constructively engaging your own family members, friends and neighbors in this critical political moment. In the coming week, we will put out the call for Community Potlucks, bringing people together to break bread, support each other and prepare to have Daring Discussions.

We encourage you to register even if you are unable to attend; you will receive a recording of the webinar as well as a Community Potlucks toolkit.

Click here to register for the training call with Women’s March this Thursday, August 24, at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Thank you for seeing your liberation bound in others.

In community,
Women’s March

P.S. The Daring Discussions webinar is open to everyone, but recognizing the emotional labor that Black people especially Black women must perform on a daily basis, white people and non-Black women of color who observe anti-blackness operating within their families and communities are especially encouraged to participate. For more about Daring Discussions, check out the conversation guide here.