9th DDWN Meets in Clarkesville September 23


September 23 Saturday

11 am to 1 pm.

9th DDWN Members and Friends, the officers have scheduled the next membership meeting for September 23rd from 
The Attic Restaurant located at 1344 N. Washington St.  Clarksville, Georgia 30523.

The officers have been fortunate in securing two highly professional women to join us and speak to us.
One is Representative Stacey Evans from Dalton , Ga. She is a successful Attorney and one of the Democratic Candidates for Governor. You don’t want to miss her inspiring story and speech to us on September 23rd. She will be our first speaker at 11:30.

The second is Alma Bowen — author, historian and former executive editor of the Gainesville Times newspaper. She has just released her new book, “Celebrate!” which explores life in the 1900’s in Helen,  Ga. which tells the story of a single mother’s search to find happiness for her special daughter.

We need to fill all 50 seats in the private dining room to welcome these great ladies and show them the 9th DDWN’s warmest hospitality and greetings.  We need you with us.  Please look at your Evite or Invitation on FaceBook here and RSVP;    You can also  RSVP directly to me at krise@windstream.net or call me at 770-722-7994.

I look forward to seeing you.  Feel free to invite your spouse or a friend who may enjoy this great meeting!

June Krise, Chair
9th DDWN