Today! Stand with Dreamers: McCall for all Demonstration

October 2 

5 PM – 7 PM
682 Grove Street, Gainesville, GA 30501

A Josh McCall Campaign Event

“Join Josh McCall, Candidate for U.S. Congress,* in his first Mustard Seed Monday, which we will hold in a different 9th District county on the first Monday of every month.. Mustard Seed Politics is all about restoring trust in one another as human beings and building faith in collective action. Like a mustard seed, we have to start small before we can grow, and that begins locally. We will show our community that we stand for something: all signs must show positive support for Dreamers and their families. Propose legislative solutions or positive beliefs about Dreamers, but please do not bring any critical or negative signs, and please do not mention my opponent or the President. We are here to tell our story and send our positive message. We will assemble at Midtown Greenway and march with police escort to Jesse Jewell, where we will show our community that we believe in a better way forward on immigration.
Basic Rules: 1. No poles or sticks 2. No masks 3. Show respect and gratitude to the public servants who are providing us with an escort and protection.”   —   Details FaceBook Events

*Editor’s Note: Joshua McCall is an announced Democratic primary candidate for Georgia’s  9th District seat in the U.S. Congress.   All other announced  Democratic candidates for District or State Wide , on request may  have events of public interest placed on the 9thDDWN calendar.   Such announcements do not however represent endorsement by the 9thDDWN.