Presentation on Climate change in the Southern Appalachians

November 2 Thursday

6:30 P.M.
The Moore room of the Hinton Center

Mountain Climate Change Presentation

The Hinton Center

We have all heard about the effect of global climate change on the arctic regions and on cities, towns, and homes along the coastlines of the world, but what about here in the counties of north Georgia and western North Carolina? In what way does global climate change affect the climate in the mountains?  Retired biology professor, B. K. Hull, will speak on these subjects.

The program is sponsored by the Public Policy Network an organization dedicated to bringing information about public policy on a variety of subjects to Clay and Cherokee counties in North Carolina and Towns and Union counties in Georgia

In addition to our featured speaker, a representative of Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Vernon Dixon will give a brief presentation on the work of his organization. The CCL is a non-partisan group which promotes a carbon fee and dividend plan as “the single most impactful solution to climate change.”


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