Report on White County Democrats’ Forum


The forum presented last evening by the White County Democrats was a great  community service.

9thDDWN Chair June Krise reports:
“I learned so much about healthcare and the opioid crisis. The sheriff and the director Posey of the FBI who is over the opioid task force for the area really opened our eyes to the synthetic fentanyl that is worse than the opioid and killing people.
They also covered the limited services for mental health and addiction in the area. This was as good a forum as the climate change forum was .
We had 42 people who were engaged and had an opportunity to ask questions at the end. Josh McCall’s presentation was excellent. He had done his homework,
We learned the state of healthcare from the federal ( changing as we speak) and state level from Laura Colbert with Georgia for a Healthy Future. They are a non private advocacy agency for health care .
Ms Hogan from the Chastain Agency explained about the different levels of coverages for ACA and the cost and how there are programs out there for ACA but people don’t need to listen to the news they just need to come in help is available to help get them on a plan and they may even be eligible for a subsidy.”

We hope to publish the video of the event in the near future. Stay tuned.