Potential candidates

Gleaned from the emails. To State Committee Members –

Great news!

We are partnering with the National Democratic Training Committee to bring an exclusive training opportunity to our 2018 candidates.

Please share this information with your prospective local candidates.

NDTC is launching their inaugural online training cohort in January. It’s essentially a guided roadmap to building a successful campaign plan. For those of you running in 2018, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your campaign up and running quickly.

You will meet via live webinar for one hour per week for guest speakers, Q&A, feedback, and group work throughout January and February. In addition to their online courses, you’ll have the chance to workshop elements of your campaign in small groups and get live feedback from the trainers.

Candidates are expected to dedicate about 10 hours per week taking on-demand online courses and developing elements of their own campaign.

Applications for the Georgia cohort are due December 18th.
Apply Here https://www.traindemocrats.org/cohort-application