Via Melba Gandy  ACTION NEEDED!

actionI’ve never been more serious: our reproductive rights hang in the balance and time is running out. Tomorrow is Crossover Day, which means we have less than 24 hours to defeat the six-week abortion ban working its way through Georgia’s legislature.

Make no mistake: lawmakers are fast tracking this bill. They called a last-minute hearing today and are trying to sneak it in just under the deadline. But not on our watch. Act now:

Flood their Inbox: Click here to email Speaker David Ralston (it’s fast and easy) and tell him you OPPOSE this bill!
Pink Out the Halls: Join us tomorrow evening, March 7, at the State Capitol! Time is ticking and we need to make sure our lawmakers see us IN PERSON so they know we’re here and we’re serious. Sign up HERE.
This is all hands on deck. So recruit your friends and family, sound the alarm, make some noise. I won’t go down without a fight. Will you?

In solidarity,
Staci Fox
President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates


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