Greening Georgia


With Claudia Collier of Savannah at the helm, Greening Georgia has been for a number of years an effective, though unofficial, advocacy group comprised of Democrats from across the state.

This past summer Greening Georgia was approved as an official affiliate caucus of the Democratic Party of Georgia

GG Mission / Platform Statement

Everyone agrees that clean air and water are fundamental rights to be shared by all. Exercising these rights will create jobs in research in new technologies, manufacturing and construction. Greening Georgia, Environmental Caucus of the DPG, will focus on green job creation, clean energy [generation and conservation], and promote solutions that lead to greater economic security, better health, conserve our natural resources, improve our national security and lead us toward greater economic, environmental and social justice for all.

To this end Greening Georgia will promote:

1) Legislation that leads to the aforementioned goals

2) Activities that lead to the widespread use of clean energy

3) Job creation within Green industries and business

4) A Green vision to all committees within the DPG

Greening Georgia recognizes the dilemma of the consumer growth based lifestyle and the reality that we live on a finite planet. To address the changes that will be required to resolve this dilemma Greening Georgia seeks to find a full spectrum solution that incorporates all sections of the Democratic Party of Georgia Platform.

Greening Georgia will educate Democratic Party office holders, candidates and create a space where green initiatives that affect Georgia can be discussed inside a major political party.

Our current strategy involves finding liaison members in each and every county in Georgia, especially through the County Democratic Committees.  If you want to volunteer to visit county committees, or if you are unsure your county has a liaison, contact the Steering Committee member closest to you.

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