Calendar for Building on the Wave

January 12


10:00 AM

All District and DPG meetings are open to any Georgia Democrat. Learn how your district operates, give feedback, become a part.

Saturday, January 12, 2019, 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. –  9th District planning meeting. 9th District county chairs (and guests) will make plans for a meeting at a later date at which all attending 9th District Democrats will develop activities leading up to the 2020 General Election.
Breakfast meeting (catered). Gainesville Civic Center, Longstreet 2 Room. 830 Green St. NE, Gainesville, GA 30501. RSVP to, and say if anyone else from your count

January 19


Details Here



Join us to launch the march toward the 2020 election on 1/19/19. We’ll applaud our newly elected officials and the courageous women who stepped up to run for office. We’ll celebrate the women warriors, ReSisters, advocates and women warriors who have been leading the movement. We’ll enjoy amazing speakers, artists and musicians. And, then will take immediate action toward marching toward 2020 by making a commitment to join the movement with our energy, time and resources.



Elections for the officers
of the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG)
and the Congressional District Chairs
will occur on January 26, 2019, beginning at 11:30 a.m.
at the IBEW Auditorium in Atlanta!

You are invited to run for one of these positions!

Image result for democratic party of georgiaOFFICES UP FOR ELECTION: The State Committee will vote for the following offices and voting will take place in the order stated below:

    1. State Chair
    2. First Vice-Chair
    3. Congressional District/County Liaison Vice-Chair
    4. Constituency Group Vice-Chair
    5. Candidate Recruitment Vice-Chair
    6. State Secretary
    7. State Treasurer

Furthermore, diversity shall be present in the outcome of the election of Officers. The First-Vice Chair shall be of the opposite gender to the State Chair.  Where a racial group constitutes 20% or more of the registered voters in the state and where the Chair or the First Vice-Chair are not of that race, one of the additional Vice-Chairs shall be of that race .
All officers will be elected by a majority of State Committee members present and all officers have terms of 4 years .

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CHAIR ELECTIONS: Congressional District Chair Elections will be held immediately following officer elections.A Congressional District Chair is a member of the Executive Committee of the DPG, member of the State Party Affirmative Action Committee, and shall coordinate State Party affairs within the Congressional District and has responsibilities that he or she must fulfill.

NON-STATE COMMITTEE MEMBERS INTENT TO RUN: A non-member of the State Committee must submit an “Intent to Run,” a signed affidavit, and the endorsement of no less than thirty State Committee Members. Click here for for the “intent to Run” for a DPG Office and here for an “Intent to Run” for a Congressional District Chair.
Signatures must be collected from the thirty State Committee Members (electronic submission, if a scanned original, is acceptable.)  All three forms must be RECEIVED by the DPG headquarters by 5:00 pm on January 15, 2019.  Forms can be sent, emailed, or delivered to the Executive and the Deputy Executive Director. Fax will not be accepted. To email your form, please sign and scan a copy of the form and send it to BOTH Rebecca DeHart at and to Chrystian Woods at You may mail your form to the office at
Rebecca DeHart
501 Pulliam St. SW
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30312


TO 2:30 PM

1175 Dawsonville Hwy NW
Gainesville, GA 30501
(770) 534-3530

Members and guests are invited to our 2019 KICK-OFF. The meeting will be Keynoted by Melba Gandy speaking on The Power of Women in Government. 

We will also be electing  new officers for this critical year leading up to the 2020 campaigns.  Our Nominating Committee.has an exciting slate of candidates. to present. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted.