Op- Eds & Conversations

When women get together things happen  More often than not when men get together it is to start a war.

Our 9thDDWN’s success in gathering gratifying numbers of North Georgia women who attend and share so much of substance at our meetings affirms the observation.

We are therefore creating this Op-Ed section to increase the opportunity to continue the sharing and are soliciting reporting, essays, columns, vignettes and anecdotes by any who have read this far.  Any topic is welcome. In addition to the rich pleasure of enjoying the company and the sharing, Conversation often is the stimulus for activism and advocacy and we are “”Stronger Together.”

The history of women’s movements is one example of the power of the process. Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller, arguably America’s first “Talk the Talk. Walk the Walk.” feminist, In 1840-1844  she held  “Conversations” with the intent to offer higher education opportunities to the women of Greater Boston. They became a significant contribution ultimately to the American Liberalism that evolved from Transcendentalism. The Seneca Falls convention of 1848 the beginning of first American feminist movement had its beginnings in the conversations between Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the women  on their 1840 voyage to the World Anti-Slavery  Convention.

With that background in mind, we think this can be a great opportunity for us to learn from each other and explore the ideas and principles that inform our slogans and sound bites.  In preparing this I personally became inspired by feminist  history and will be providing more in my future op-eds.  Current eventshave convinced me genuine restoration and claiming human rights will come largely from the women.

Hillary Clinton affirmed in Beijing, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.”

When you have something to share please contact me at wlorrainewatkins@gmail.com  or via our contact form   https://georgia9thdemocraticinfo.com/contact-us/ .  Text may be submitted by copy and paste on the contact form or by email. Photos and graphics can be attached to email.

Your Editor,  W. Lorraine Watkins 10/21/2017


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