Dawson Events

Dawson County Democratic Party Coming Events

July 19:
Dinner and Conversation, 6 pm Dawsonville Tavern, in Food Lion Shopping Center, Main St., Dawsonville:

August 6 (date changed from July 30),
4 pm at
Avalon Regal Theatre exit 10 off GA 400: Al Gores’ movie
“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” 4 pm; dinner afterward

August 14:
Dinner and Conversation, 6 pm Dawsonville Tavern

Sept. 14:
6:30 pm at Big Canoe: General Meeting/Speaker Josh McCall, 9th District US Congressional Candidate; http://www.mccallforall.com (go to his website and donate!)

October 14:
4 pm at the home of Linda and Terry Ryan: End of year Fundraiser and Party!!

Ongoing and new activist activities– from Bette Holland email

We also want to continue to take action against some of the legislation that is being proposed in our Republican led Congress. Below are some specific ideas and contact info, but you can join many of the organizations so you can sign petitions, send e-mails, send faxes, write letters and make phone calls (move-on.org, credo, Democracy for America just to name a few. ) Also, last Friday a very frightening article was published in the NY Magazine on Climate Change. Many conservatives will say it is just trying to scare people. At this point, WE NEED TO BE SCARED! This is the link and below that are the actions! (also consider getting on the e-mail list for Sierra Club, Climate Reality Project, and 350.org)


Climate change:
Write an e-mail to Gov. Deal and ask him to support the fight against Climate Change and its effects. You could say something like:
Across America, local elected officials — especially state governors — are stepping up and pledging their commitment to the Paris Agreement even though Trump pulled. They promise to continue working to advance clean energy, create jobs, reduce pollution and achieve united action against climate change. There are more jobs in clean energy being created than in the fossil fuel business. It is time for Georgia to join #3 Greenest City in America, Atlanta, in making sure our children have a safe and healthy world to live in.
Here is the link to the Governors e-mail: https://gov.georgia.gov/webform/contact-governor/done?sid=972516
You could send a similar message to our Senators and our US Rep., Doug Collins. Here is their contact information:
You could also send them e-mails or call them about not drilling or mining on Public lands/national parks;

The CBO report comes out This week. Take time to read about the findings and then use some of the data you find to call or e-mail your senators. You don’t have to say a lot—mainly that you are opposed and give one or 2 reasons. (e-mails above); phone # below:
Sen. Isakson: 202-224-3643
Sen. Perdue: 202-224-3521
(Rep. Collins: 202-225-9893; just for your reference; you don’t need to call him about Trumpcare right now)

Try to call every day!
If you have any other issues that concern you, please call or e-mail.
— Bette Holland July 17