In honor of International Women’s Day

Women Speak Up In today’s climate-controlled, food-through-a-drive-thru, education-for-all world, it is easy for women to become comfortable.Content. Complacent, even.After all, we American women do not have it so bad, do we? We can vote (thank you Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and Susan B. Anthony). We can attend high school and college. We can enter … Continue reading In honor of International Women’s Day

Welcome Cyndy

Newest 9th DDWN recruit Cyndy Shubert-Jett citizen activist on the way to deliver her letter with 67 constituency signatures to 9th District Rep. Doug Collins yesterday. Cyndy's Report "First actual update after my own timeline has to has to absolutely has to go here! went exceeding well, and thanks to some excellent critiquing of … Continue reading Welcome Cyndy