The Coalition

9th District Coalition

Georgia 9th District Democratic Party Coalition

The 9th District Democratic Women’s Network, a chapter of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women, the state organization under the auspices of The National Federation of Democratic Women, is the official women’s organization of the Democratic Party. The objective of our organization is to unite women of the Democratic Party; to promote the cause of the Democratic Party and to encourage full participation of women in every level of the Democratic Party Structure. The National Federation of Democratic Women holds one seat on the DNC Executive Committee and three seats on the DNC.

In the 9th DDWN effort to promote the cause of the Democratic Party we have endeavored to bring the Democratic Party of the Georgia’s 9th Congressional District together into a loosely held coalition of those counties wanting to join us. The coalition will in no way replace or infringe on the autonomy of individual county Democratic parties. Because our district is primarily rural, sparsely populated and geographically large the purpose of this coalition will be to facilitate the sharing of ideas, pool communication resources via local media outlets, social media and the web, promote voter engagement and gain strength in numbers by holding 2-3 Coalition events each year, such as Town Halls, Candidate Forums and other related events at various locations within the 9th Congressional District of Georgia in order to make our voices heard, not only within the district but within the Georgia Democratic Party.